Still Here…

Right, well it all went wrong, didn’t it?!

I promised to do this properly and post regularly.  Have I?  No.
I started a photo challenge.  Did I carry it on?  No.

Yeah, I know, pretty rubbish.  I do have some excuses lined up though, if you want to hear them?

You do?  Great…. there’s hope you still like me….

There’s not really loads of excuses but one major one that’s kinda kept me busy.
Cast your mind back, remember those posts where I explained my job situation?  As in the fact I didn’t have one?  Well, things have progressed……..

Sort of.

I still don’t have a job.  Technically.  Scandalous isn’t it?!  It’s been about nine months now and they still haven’t sorted it out.  However, as I said, there has been movement.  I have been turfed out of my old department and am now claiming squatters rights.

I am currently in a position that doesn’t exist, yet, carrying out a job I actually want.  It’s similar to parts of my old job so I’m happy with that, but it’s a more specified subject, which I find interesting.  I’m not going to tell you what it is though, keep my air of mystery!

Basically, I am waiting for funding.  This being the Civil Service it takes a decade for someone to make a decision and pay for anything.  The money’s there, the idea has been approved, just noone will put their name to the decision.  Typical.  That really helps me….

The difference is, this is a job I actually want, and the people in this department actually want me too.  There’s a novelty!  There’s a real sense of team spirit and pride here, and I like it.  Plus, I’ve already got my own office for the first time in about ten years, and it’s a comfortable atmosphere.  I get to play my music when I want!

Alright I’m gushing slightly, it just makes a change to have enjoyment at work.  The only downside, my God, how busy?!  I’ve even started to work late and at weekends!  That’s a shock to the system.

Anyway, that’s the reason I’ve been away predominantly.  There are other matters like the children….. who are just always a nightmare!  I’ll update later about the kids, but I just wanted to say, I’m still here!!

I will make more of an effort too, I promise.

Flair is the difference


Back in the room…

Now, I know I have been here before and you’ve heard it all, but there is a reason!

My absence from posting has been, mainly, because of two reasons.

1.  I’ve been decorating
2.  The Olympics have been on

Not great excuses really, are they?  But it’s the truth.

I have finished painting Sophie’s room and she is now moved in and settled.  The bright pink surroundings have not phased her and it is simply known as the ‘pink room’.  Nice.

She’s happy, the wife’s happy because I finally finished it.  I’m not happy.

No, I’m not.  I’m happy ‘coz it’s done but now it just means I have to start on the rest of the house.  This does not fill me with joy.  Oh well, never mind.

And the second excuse, sorry, reason was two weeks of sport.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of track and field sports, I mainly stick to the football, but there is something drawing to some of the stranger, underworld sports.  Like what do they wear when they are shooting those pistols?  I thought I had turned onto a repeat of Robocop….

Anyway, it was being hosted in my country for the only time I’m ever going to see it, so I sat down every day and watched at least a couple of hours worth.

This does nothing for my schedule.

So there you have it, I apologise for my absence, but weren’t the Olympics good?!

Proud to be British.