I hate Mondays….



Work sucks.


A little proud

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually one for self promotion nor do I have a large ego but I am a little bit proud of myself.

I’ll explain.

I’m 31 years old and overweight.  I’m not proud of that but I also can’t hide it!
For years I’ve been saying, as has everyone else, that I need to lose weight.  But having an office job for the last eleven years, that was approximately one minute away from the office, not much exercise ever took place.

But for some reason in the Summer something clicked in my brain.  As I say I’m not one of these people that have to tell the world exactly whats going in my life (yes, I know I’m writing a blog about what’s going on my life, I get it!) but I am genuinely chuffed with myself.

Since June, through doing more exercise and not eating as much rubbish but not following a diet, I have lost weight.  I am so proud, but embarrassed it’s taken so long…

Anyway, last Monday I hit the latest milestone, hence why I’m telling you now. 

Since June I have lost three stone!!  Yes people, proud.

Remember the Diet!


I have moved on from the bike saga now……  It just doesn’t work anymore. *sniff*
(Please feel free to donate to my new bike fund if you so wish!)

I’m in a more sombre mood today.

I’m not sure whether I mentioned, pretty sure I have, but a couple of weeks ago I was given ‘El Boot’ from my current job.  Now, that doesn’t mean clear your desk and get out in this case, as I work for a Government Department.  It’s much more complicated.  And cruel.  I have to now sit here, at my desk, continuing to do the same job I’ve just been told I’m not allowed to do, until at least November.  Merry Christmas!

Then, as there is no replacement for me, I will simply vanish into the pool of other surplus staff.  They haven’t just picked me, thankfully, but we are part of a larger ‘re-structuring’.  It’s going on everywhere nowadays, I’m lucky to have a job really….

Now, I’m a pretty laid back person.  I haven’t really thought about the consequences or my next step, as I don’t really care…… harsh, but honest.  I’ve been in this post since ’05, maybe it is time for a change?  I don’t know.  I got until November to figure that out.

Oh, did I mention that my house is connected with my job?  No?!  Well, a Brucey Bonus.

But, it has brought about a mood of reflection, well, more nostalgia.  Reminiscing of simpler times.  I’m not a huge fan of facebook.  I’ve been a member since the beginning, but my enthusiasm in finding out what everybody is moaning about today has pretty much died out, but it is good for some things.  I get to talk to people I want to talk to.  That sounds a daft thing to say, but I know what I mean.

It’s good to be able to talk to family members, informally and without agenda, and also to link up again with those people you just moved in different circles to.  I’ve been friends with people on facebook because I knew them a long time ago, but never really spoken to them since.  Even on fb.  I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old……

Yesterday, I spoke to someone I haven’t seen in 15 years or so, when I lived in another part of the country.  Because my memory is so shockingly bad, I assume that things that far back never get remembered.  I was amazed that he could recall events I had completely forgotten.  I struggle remembering last week….

You don’t really appreciate how much of an impression you leave on people.  Whether it is good memories or bad ones, you affect people’s lives in ways you don’t always realise.

Do you ever get in those moods?  When you can’t be bothered with the present and enjoy looking back?  No?  Try losing your job, you don’t get the choice!

By the way, I apologise for such a bleak and serious post.  Normal service will be resumed shortly….

Whatcha Thinking?!

It’s All Gone Quiet….

Bliss.  Absolute Bliss.

I have / am having two days of absolute normality in my office.  Everybody is behaving themselves and work is getting done.  Wanna know why?

I’m the only one in here!!!  {echo}

It’s great, I love it.  As much as my job does involve a certain level of interaction with other people and idiots, when an opportunity for a bit of peace arises, it’s heaven!

Ok, I’ll be honest, it’s not exactly quiet.  I have had my music on a bit louder than normal.

And why not?  I have to put up with the droning on for the rest of the months, why shouldn’t I blast out a snafu of Stone Sour?  A pinch of Pantera?  I deserve it.

Anyway, it can’t be that loud.  The chaps next door haven’t complained.  Well, I haven’t heard them complaining….

Yesterday I got so much more work done, I’m spent.  Today, I will waste my time doing the menial tasks like tidying my desk, rearranging the furniture to confuse the older workers and maybe even watch a DVD later.  I haven’t decided.

If the weather was nicer, I would’ve gone and erected our ‘meeting room’.  Nice name but it’s just a gazebo we put up outside the office.  We back onto fields you see, lovely sun trap.  Every year we put it up and conduct team meetings out there.  Jealous?


Sorry, had a visitor to the office.  Promptly told them to go somewhere else.  I’m not working today. 

Probably not the response they were after but hey, I was mid-chorus!

Well, I hope you all have an equally productive day and if you work in an office like me, I salute you. 

It’s not easy.

Office Environment

That was the weekend that was:

Dismal.  Productive.  Short.

The weather in this country over the weekend was shocking.  Managed to get a good walk in but that was it. 

We were confined to the house.  But with nothing on the telly, what do you do?  I reliquished my Sky Sports package two weeks before the end of the season so couldn’t even watch the football.

However, I did the productive bit on Saturday morning.

After seven years or so, I finally managed to put all of my boxes up into the loft.  Until now, it had all been stored under the stairs, the one cupboard for storage in the house.  All the stuff from the past moves, all my school books and stuff, and also old toys from my childhood. 

Well it’s all gone.  The cupboard is empty.  A whole box of shredding dealt with (mainly school books and stuff) and a few boxes emptied.  The rest has been safely stored above.

Before you judge me, I can explain.  Seven years is a long time, I agree, but four of those can be accounted for with the reasoning that I didn’t have a big enough ladder.  This past weekend I had to borrow a ladder so that I can get the job done.  The other years I have no excuse (except laziness).

Now, my recent behaviour does beg a question; what is going on?!

In the past couple of weeks, I have tidied the garden, sorted the shed and now sorted the boxes.  I am becoming super domesticated.  Why have I started to become house proud?

Maybe I am doing my stint before I pass on the baton…

Picture courtesy of LaughingSquid.com

Woohoo!! Top 100….

Well, you lovely people, I have made it to a full 100 followers!

I must be doing something minutely interesting, every now and again, for you people to follow me.  I am very appreciative and surprised in equal measure.

When I started this, many moons ago, I had hoped just for a few people to read the blog and the odd comment here and there.  Whilst its true I have not struck up many conversations with my readers (my fault, not on here long enough) I still value the knowledge that there are some people reading what I manage to write.

Thank you.  No really.  I don’t need awards or plaudits (although it would be nice) to keep writing my gibberish, I’m just so full of it.

You know what I mean.

If in the future when you read any of this rambling nonsense, you feel like leaving any feedback, I would be hugely greatful.  I never know if what I am doing is interesting, relevant, or even worth it, so any words of wisdom would be great.

You really are lovely people.  If only I could give you all a big……


There ain’t enough hours in the day…

Do you ever get that feeling in the morning when you’ve just woken up, look at the clock and go, ‘what the hell just happened?  It’s Thursday already?’

Days merge.  Hours disappear.  Minutes just don’t exist.

Before you say it, yes I know I obviously can’t plan my time properly.  But hey, I got two kids and a wife.  Give me a break!

It’s very difficult to plan each and every minute of the day when you have children.  When you think they are in their room playing nicely, giving you a minute’s breather, as soon as your cheeks hit that chair, ‘Daddy, can I sit with you?’

What the…

I swear all ninja’s in the world are really children.  Their stealth abilities are second to none.

Anyway, I don’t seem to be able to pace out my day.  I have so much to do in the evenings, yet never seem to be able to do anything.  Take this blog for instance, the randomness of my posting befits my lack of time.  If you can keep a secret, most of the time when I write to here I’m at work.  Yes I know, technically I’m not allowed and I will get found out one day, but it’s the only time I get to talk to you lot!

Now I have also taken on some extra work for others which I need to do at home when I can.  Which I can’t.  There’s not enough time.

I wish I could afford a child minder or nanny or something.  Or that I didn’t have to work.  That would be the best.  No work.

There Is Not Enough Time

I can’t feel my fingers…

Good morning.

For the last two weeks my office, and the entire south wing of the building, has had no heating.  Boiler’s knackered and I don’t think they can be bothered to fix it.

This leads to me slowing down at work.

It’s not my fault.  I do a lot of typing and work on the computer all day long, but there is only so much time I can leave my hands out in this atmosphere.  It’s like a fridge!

It doesn’t help that for the last week we have suffered snow blizzards, rain and freezing temperatures.  All this adds up and it feels like I’m working in Iceland.  Mum certainly wouldn’t come here.

It is currently 13 degrees in this office as I type (shhh, I shouldn’t be writing this at work!).  Now, I know that doesn’t sound too bad, but imagine it was the same temp outside and you were just sitting in one place.  In a shirt.

Nipples like chapel hat pegs.

If it goes on much longer I’m going to have to refuse to work.  Go home.  Or start a fire in the middle of the office.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

However, please don’t compare my tale of woe with all those brave people who work in actual arctic conditions or on building sites.  I’m an office monkey, I like to be warm.  Is that too much to ask?!

The temperature high of yesterday

The temperature high of yesterday

Evening Plans? I wish…

Parents out there, how on earth can you plan an evening?

No matter how hard I try and try, it never works out how I want it to.  Does the notion of ‘me time’ disappear when you have two children?  With just one child it’s not too bad, especially when they’re at that age where they sleep through the night with no problems, leaving you with a few hours to yourself to do what you want.  For me, this used to consist of a couple of drinks in front of a film or even some gaming on the XBox.  I look back now and that seems like bliss.

With the addition of the second child, all planning ceases.  You are no longer in control of your own time.

Picture this as a typical evening; child one is asleep and it’s 7.30pm.  Child 2 is happily burbling away in the corner talking to a parrot or monkey or something just as weird.  All seems fine, parents start to act like human beings and begin to go about their business.

Child 2 gets bored of the conversation, the anti-banana debate has gotten out of hand, and starts to whinge.  Mummy attends and daddy carries on, generally with the washing up.  Time moves on…

It’s approaching 10pm, child 2 is getting hungry.  Instead of uttering the words of ‘Oh Mama, I have quite the hunger, could one fetch me a sandwich’, the baby alternative is to cry and scream at the top of its lungs.  He could be saying those words I suppose, we’ll never know.

Whilst Mummy attends yet again, Daddy begins the bottle preparations.  Ten minutes until feeding time child 2 decides to start snoring.  Peace and quiet, you may think…..


Child 1 has heard the noises over the past hour and has now decided to awaken and call for Daddy.  Toilet break.  Fine, I can handle that, just a case of escort to bathroom, wait, escort back, go back to sleep.  ‘Yes Daddy’, the lies children tell.

Back downstairs, Mummy is feeding child 2, all is calm.

Soon shattered.  Child 1 is now fully awake and wants to come downstairs, the battle begins and lasts a significant portion of the evening.

That brief insight into my evenings highlights the fact that nothing gets done.  In any part of the above did you note that I was doing something constructive or fun?  Was it all an interruption of me on the XBox?  Did I have to pause a film?  Not a bleeding chance.

So, dear readers, if you have words of wisdom on how I can reclaim my evenings for me, I will be very grateful.

Please help.

Tired Parents / Happy Kids

Back In The Day, Music Was Everything

A bit of background, I grew up listening to music.  Lots of it.  There weren’t many instances where I wasn’t wired up to something.

Read that in context and it makes more sense.

I am a child of the cassette tape.  I missed the first vinyl phase of seventies, but was bang in the middle of the C90.  I had loads of tapes with all my favourite albums, bands and songs.  An eclectic range of music including Michael Jackson, Guns N Roses and random stuff sneakily taped from the radio.

The amount of walkman’s I got through attending school and riding my bike around town, always getting battered and bruised, bashed and broken.  Then there is the personal pride in having a walkman with a digital display and buttons on the front.  Oh the joy!

Time moves on, and along came the humble CD.  It was a sad day where the end was announced for the cassette, but that soon passed.  CD’s were a huge step forward for the home music collection, if anything it was very aesthetically pleasing.  Bit of a bugger though for us Walkman users.

The portable CD player was rubbish.  Any slight movement out of the ordinary like being knocked by a passer-by, or falling off a chair (from previous experience) just makes the disc jump and stop playing.  Which in turn can then scratch the disc and render it useless.  I wasn’t a fan of them.

This became even more noticeable when my music collection grew.  Luckily, the walkman still played a part.  Before the rise and rise of Apple and the iPod’s, the stop gap measure was to record all your CD’s onto cassette tape!  The best of both worlds!!

True, a laborious job, but at least your music was portable again.

The reason for this reminisce is obviously due to the news of HMV.  The death of physical music approacheth.  I recall spending many an hour or day in an HMV store looking through all the CD’s, noticing all the names of bands that I’ve never heard and delving into the bargain bin to unearth a true gem.

HMV was also a very good place for the ‘non-mainstream’ strand of music.  If, like me, you were very much a ‘grebo’ or ‘heavy metaller’ this shop was like heaven.  You could often find all those weird bands recommended to you by friends (in my instance it was a school chap called Andy, he very much cost me a fortune by changing my taste in music!).

Despite the fact that HMV used to charge £17 for a CD that wasn’t in the charts, it will still be greatly missed by a lot of people.  But it does indicate the end to so called ‘physical’ music.  With everything going digital and cloud based, the humble CD is doomed.  Another era of my childhood coming to an end.  Christ, I feel old.

Rest In Peace, HMV. 

PS. What happens to the dog?