OMG. The Pig is back!

I have voiced my concerns before on this subject.  You may recall.

I have aired my concerns over a certain animated pig and how evil and disruptive I think it is.  I still believe that the message being sent out by one Peppa Pig and her sidekick George, has dastardly intentions set on making other people’s lives a misery.

I still have stains on my carpet due to the incessant nagging of the pig family to jump in muddy puddles.  I have not forgotten.

However, I thought that I had managed to outlive the pig as now the daughter is three, she has moved on to other disruptive influences.  A child that believes she’s a doctor leading me to think that one day I’m going to return home to a living room full of stuffing and dismembered limbs.  Yes, you Doc McStuffins.

Or this boy Jake and his pirates.  Is it really a good message to give young children that a stick is a sword?  Really?  You’ve obviously never been beaten with one.

Don’t get me started on the monkey that lives in the apartment…. jeez…

Anyway, as I say, the pig is back onto my TV screen.  It turns out that the appeal of said pork by-product reaches young boys too.  Yep, my little boy is now watching the dreaded thing.  I only put it on because it gives me five minutes peace.  If it was only five minutes…..  Why do they insist on putting 27 episodes on in one go?  Maybe it’s their break too….

But you know what’s even worse?!  Can you guess?  No?  Well…

What makes it worse is that it is the same episodes as before!  Yes, the years worth of Peppa Pig episodes I had to endure the first time, are back but this time I know what’s coming!  I tell you, if I had hair I’d be ripping it out!!

I’ve got to get him interested in something else.  Too young for Postman Pat, don’t like Fireman Sam and Thomas the Tank Engine will not be on in my house…. Ever.

It's Back!  Peppa Pig


Oh, Peppa, maybe I’ll have to like you….

It is amazing.

Somewhere in the world Peppa Pig has done something extraordinary. 

Maybe she’s become Pope and I’ve not heard.  Maybe she’s pregnant.  Maybe she’s turned to crime.  Maybe she’s started using ‘recreational drugs’.

I don’t know, but she’s doing tremendous amounts for blog views.  I am happy to get ten or more views on any day.  But so far today alone, bearing in mind it’s half ten here, I’ve had over a hundred views and it all stems around this bloody pig.

What’s going on? 

It would be nice if people were interested in things I actually have to say, and not merely to pinch the picture from Google, but hey, it inflates my ego for a little while.

But still, I can’t change my mind.  I still don’t like the pink little source of bacon.

Peppa Pig Opinion

Have I missed something?!

As you might have noticed, I don’t write as often as I should and even when I do, it’s not very intelligent.  But something weird has been happening.

The traffic to my humble little blog over the last week has extraordinarily increased.  Whilst I don’t understand or expect it to last, everybody seems to be looking at the same thing.

It’s not a recent post either.  Has Peppa Pig died or something, or has she become Pope?  A little post, maybe from last year, stating some reasons as to why I don’t like the pesky pig seems to be attracting some reaeders.

Whilst I fully understand that it is probably just people looking for pictures on Google, and not anybody seeking out my opinions, it just makes me wonder as to what she has done to suddenly warrant this kind of attention?

Is she in line for a role in the next Popedom?  Has she had the illegitimate love child of Postman Pat?  Is she going to be on the next series of Celebrity Big Brother?

I live in wonder.

What does he really carry in his sack?!

What does he really carry in his sack?!

On a different topic, I am still trying hard to write my book.  I have all the ideas in my head, ready to explode on to the page, but not the time in which to carry it out.

I work all day, get home and have something to eat, play with kids, put the kids to bed, and then by that time I’m too knackered to do anything but veg out in front of the TV and fall asleep.

Why do I find it difficult to plan my time?  There’s just too much other stuff that takes precedence over me sitting down and writing a silly story, I suppose.

Maybe it’s just not meant to be.  Perhaps it’s time to give up the fantasy of writing a book and focus on the real world.

I just need to grow up.

How do you entertain a child when you’d rather watch the football?!

It’s Saturday afternoon.

The weather isn’t great so most of the day is to be spent indoors.

Fine, I think there’s football on the telly later, I’ll just waste the morning until then.


Not going to happen.

The problem with having any plans of your own is that you will never get to carry them out. This is when you have children, obviously.

Every weekend I struggle to think of anything to keep the daughter happy whilst retaining my sanity.  There is only so much Cbeebies any person can take, and as I’ve been warned before, the television is no substitute or babysitter.

But it sure does come in handy.

Not being able to drive and living in the middle of nowhere doesn’t help either.  I mean, if I lived in the town, I could introduce the child to life.  The different types of people who mill about the shops, how to avoid being ripped off by the local market traders and maybe how to play pool in the pub.

Another avenue is to help play with the toys.  As a grown mature (!) 30 year old, I find it particularly ridiculous that I have to sit on the floor playing with fairies, dolls, ponies, anything covered in soddin’ glitter or Peppa bleedin’ Pig related paraphernalia

I don’t mind the odd game of something but once you’ve started you’re hooked in for the day.  I have been playing with Play Doh for most of the morning, making sure she doesn’t eat the stuff, which just happened to have a princess theme.  Which is fine, but because of my condition, I can’t entertain the idea of mixing the colours.  It just gets messy.  So if that’s the case, what’s the point?

It doesn’t help that the attention span is no longer than that of your common gnat.  No sooner have you got something out of the box, they’ve moved on.  I suppose I only mention this to vent to you, dear readers, my disappointment of missing the football this afternoon.

I know I’m not going to get to see it.  As much as I try my hardest to escape this world of pink, sparkly, glittery stuff.


no football


Not a morning person.

I am not a morning person.  At all.

So having a child probably wasn’t the best decision if I wanted to keep my lay ins, but nevertheless I thought that this would even out over time.  Namely due to children’s TV.

As my young’un is now over two years old, she takes a keen interest in the TV when we have it on.  Granted, it’s not as much as I’m used to, but adult TV is utter shite if you don’t like reality TV or the unending stream of so called talent shows.  I am not a fan.  I’d prefer to watch reruns of TK Hooker than watch that (which was a rubbish programme too, by the way).  Anyway,  children’s TV…..

The staple viewing of any young child at the moment includes Peppa Pig (see previous posts), Tweenies, Zingzillas, Noddy, the list goes on.

Now, I can tolerate most of the programmes but by the age of two, I was hoping that she would of got into the likes of Spongebob Squarepants, Scooby Doo, etc but I have been banned from showing these to the youngster due to the graphic images, which to some extent I agree with the wife, but that doesn’t stop me being disappointed.  I was looking forward to that bit.  Sitting on the sofa, watching Spongebob………

Ok, not a great image to be setting and I’m sure will be met by tuts from many ‘good parents’.  Whatever.  But something that I don’t agree with is that I can’t watch the Simpsons with her.  What’s wrong with a loving yellow family?  It’s got clowns and everything!  I do, however, turn it over when the cat gets mangled by the mouse, but other than that how can it be  harmful?  Am I wrong?

And while I’m at it, what’s with these presenters?  Justin friggin’ Fletcher is everywhere!!  And if any UK readers watches Milkshake! on Channel 5, please agree with me that it’s time to get rid of Derek.  That inane grin, stupid laugh and always happy.  At that time of the morning, I just want to shoot him…..


Why I don’t like Peppa Pig….

No, hang on, this is serious.

Yes, I know it’s a cartoon character, and yes, I know it’s for children but parents have to watch it as well.  And I’m sorry, but it has a lot to answer for.

Okay, she is polite to her and elders and has never really given her little brother any problems (which in itself pitches an unrealistic level of niceness.  What sibling pairing can go that long without a huge row, or an ‘accidental’ juice spillage into the la…… just me? Really?  Move on….) but the tings she gets up to are classed as acceptable in the real world.

I’m sorry, I don’t want to be a party pooper or anything, but it’s just not on.

Ok, you have kids and have watched Peppa, or you are at least aware of Peppa Pig.  Right, ready?  What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I ask you about what she does?

Got it?

Yes.  Muddy friggin’ Puddles.

That’s it right there.  What parents life has not been terrorised by muddy puddles and the exploits of this seemingly passive pig?  Not one puddle can be walked past, whether out in town or just in the garden, without the incessant need to ‘jump’.

Think you can tell them it’s a naughty thing to do??

“Well, Peppa jumps in muddy puddles!”

Stock answer.  And no matter how much you try and explain that despite what that pig does on the TV, it does not equate to real life and the rules are different.  Does not compute.

I send my heartfelt sympathy to all who has to deal with this.  Just keep scrubbing the clothes clean and laugh it off.

Just wait until they finish school one day, meet them at the gate and in front of all their friends, jump in a muddy puddle.  Only then can you truly say, ‘I understand’.

Cue embarrased child.

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