Working from Home

Surely that’s enough
I’ve had all I can take
The last hour has been tough

The day had started well
But it has just dragged on and on
Everyone feels the same, I can tell

The filing has all been done
I’ve packed away my belongings
Now is the time that we were gone

Hoping the boss doesn’t see me sitting
Blatantly doing nothing
Looking at the job section, seems quite fitting

The clock appears to be slowing
Maybe it has stopped entirely
It must be time for us all to be going?

Wait for it…. Bang!  That’s it!
Five o’clock means it’s home time
Computer off, coat on, it’s time to flit

Key in the door, the week is complete
Forgot about work and deadlines
Head to the kitchen, find something to eat

Now, there’s nothing to do but sit and look
What now? Watch the telly? Read a book?
Oh hang on, just got to check Facebook….

Slave to the Computer
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A Valentine Adventure

It’s that time again
It comes but once a year
A single day
That fills a man with fear

A fear that is not apparent
Well, not at first anyway
Give it time though, just wait
It only happens late in the day

………………… Oh dear.  Oh my.
I can’t believe I’ve done it again
How did I forget it?
This day can only end in pain

It’s ok, she’s not home yet
There’s still time to save myself
Make a dash to the shops, pick something up
If I don’t, it’s going to be bad for my health

Card and flowers will be enough
I hope there’s still some left to take
Turn the corner, look to the left
All I see is emptiness, for f***’s sake

Damn, she’ll be back soon
Better grab something quick and run
Pick a card, take some choc
Pay at the counter, right I’m done

Arrive home, act normal
Back just in the nick of time

Check the card to make sure
………….’Happy Mothers Day’…………
At least I have the chocolates
Hang on, what does that say?!
Who the hell stacked these shelves
Why would I want a box of chicken satay?!

I think this will not be forgiven
I never did like February much anyway
I hope I’m not the only one to suffer…

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day

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Time is running out
There’s so much to do
Lots to get ready
To prepare just for you

Lots of painting for daddy to do
But it’s not the fun kind
Lots of shopping for mummy
She likes that though, you’ll find

Your sister is waiting for you
To enter into this world
She just wants to meet you
Whether you are a boy or a girl

To share her toys and her books
Sophie just wants to play
She has been asking for you
But she can wait a few more days

We’re not perfect parents
To which we will readily say
But we will always try our very best
Until the very last day

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Every day of the week
The soundtrack is the same
With lots of laughing and clapping
And shrieking all the way

When you’re happy
We’re happy too
Your laughter is contagious
We don’t know what to do!

We all play together
With all your noisy toys
You’re such a happy soul
We’ll keep you away from all the boys! 

You press all of the buttons
To see what noise they make
They drive Daddy round the twist
But that’s what makes it great

We hope we keep you happy
For the rest of your childhood life
‘Coz if you keep on smiling
You’ll make a smashing wife

But do remember one thing
If you like a certain lad
There’s many tests to pass, my dear
But there’s no-one quite like Dad!

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The Big Adventure

The time has come to say hello
A new era, a new day, a new dawn
The wait for this day has finally ended
For at six minutes past seven, you were born

The sense of joy overpowers all anxiety
At that moment, all the fear and worry disappears
You are now my sole purpose, my world, my being
It doesn’t happen often, but you had me in tears

What happens now, where do we go?
All this is new, to both you and me
So much to learn, so much to do
We’ll do it together you, mummy and me 

This will be one big adventure
Full of laughter, tears, love and companionship
We will stay together, as a team
Always there for each other, providing friendship

You will find that when you get older
Times will be hard, you’ll feel like you’ve had enough
But remember, your family will always be there for you
You will never be alone, no matter how tough

You are loved so much by everyone you meet
You will never lose that gift, that ability
Whether they’re friends, family or people in the street
Even if you’re acting daft or down right silly

The world has produced one more beauty
Though I feel I must take some credit
When you grow up, a loving and beautiful person
You take after your Dad, and don’t you forget it!

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The Written Word

I have joined this world, known to many
Requiring skills, to which I don’t have any
So many people know how to blog
I always thought it was like the ‘Captain’s Log’
Recording their thoughts of the day
No limits on what they can say
Saying exactly what they mean
Whilst trying not to be obscene
Community based place of sharing
Where most people are classed as caring
Not everybody believes what they’ve said
Where you fear the next comment, with dread
Full of so many differing characters
Ranging from loons to famous actors
Ok, that might not be strictly true
But it is full of people just like me and you
All of who just want to be heard
And have a common purpose.  The written word.

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The News

Oh my, can it be true?
You’re kidding right, really?
No, this is actually happening
Is this a bit of a shock?  Clearly

Now I know, I can’t wait
There’s going to be another member
Our family’s getting bigger now
That special feeling, I remember

But wait, hold on a minute
Can I be good enough, to be a dad
To two children at one time?
Am I mad?

With the success of the first
My daughter, the Princess
Another child will complete the family
We will of course, be the best

The next few months and years
Will be hard, will be trying
There’ll be ups and laughter
There’ll be downs and crying

But I know that in the end
A beautiful child will arrive
And the love that it will receive
Will allow them to thrive

I could not be happier
At this moment in time
The love and admiration I feel
For this family of mine.

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