Day 8 – Photo Challenge



The only time that both children are quiet…


Sleeping like a…, no hang on, that’s not right…


Nobody I know has ever got it right.

You either don’t get enough sleep, or weirdly, you have too much sleep.

It’s a common problem that I’m sure, readers, that you will have experienced in your lifetime.

Why is it then, that with children it’s impossible to deal with?  I mean, you try putting them to bed at all different times.  They’re up as soon as it gets light.

No matter what you do, as soon as that sun peeks it’s head over the trees, BANG, ‘Dadddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……..’

It’s driving me mad.

Again, as I may have mentioned before, I’m not a morning person.

It also doesn’t help when you’re up in the night with a need to go to the toilet.  The child that is.  I have control over my workings thanks.  Just.

I know it’s not the fault of any child how they are sleeping at the age of two, I know this.  I’m just tired and having a moan.

I didn’t get much sleep last night……

The preparation begins…

Obviously, as it is the main topic of this blog, we are expecting our second bundle of mischief, which means that we have to ready the house and the first born to the new arrangements.

The latest stage we have challenged is sleeping.  Sophie has been in her cot bed since about 7/8 months and we’ve never really had any problem.  Only one bad case of ‘the monsters under the bed’.  Which was resolved with the help of Mickey Mouse.  Another story.

We live in a three bedroom house, which currently has a master bedroom, Sophie’s bedroom and daddy’s game/office/spare room.  It looks like daddy is going to lose out and the third bedroom will become baby’s room.  I don’t mind losing my place of solace for the sake of family harmony.  If we have any guests, however, they will be severely pissed off having to share a room with a baby…..

A debate has raised its head in the household though, in that I think having your own bedroom at the age of 2 is a bit spoilt.  Shouldn’t young children be sharing a room, so that they can bond, play and learn to like each other?  I have been led to believe that my views on this subject are somewhat draconian and that in this day in age, each child should have their own wing complete with bathroom, games room and sleeping annex for all the stuffed toys.

Anyway, the whole crux of this story is that we have had to push forward with getting Sophie into her own bed so that baby will have a cot (we’re too poor to splash out on a new one!).  We started a couple of weeks ago.  So far, so good.

She has adapted well, and sleeps normally.  Although, all we have done is take the sides of her cot off, so there may still be a slight familiar feeling and that when we do actually buy her a new bed, things may be different.  But I’m optimistic.

Although last night was the first time that when she needed to go to sleep, she decided to get up and help herself to her toys.  Granted, she did at least go for her books and not the loudest toy in the room.  False hope?  Tonight I’ll probably  be awoken by the sound of her sitting at her electric piano, blasting out her renditions of lullabies at the sound of twenty jackhammers.

Oh well, fingers crossed.