Well, where’d that go…

It’s Monday already?!  Where did that weekend go?

I know the weather wasn’t all that great down here, but still, I thought weekends were supposed to be two days?  Not four hours……

Well.  Despite that, I hope everybody had a nice ‘break’.  Mine was a little busy…

The saturday included a whirlwind trip into town to gather information and raid the bank (minus the stockings).  It was whirlwind because I had to get back to the house for the daughter to go to a party.  As you may recall (well done for remembering!) I do not drive, so any excursion away from the house is both costly and time consuming.  So to get out and back in a few hours was going to be a mission.

Alas, I was in stealth mode and managed to get back in time.  The darling daughter put on her party dress and sparkly tights and off they went.  I stayed at home.  Knackered.

Sunday was intense.  The family went out for the day to the in-laws while I stayed at home to work.  And work I did.

I was sat at the laptop for approx. 9 hours working away on my little side project.

Ha!  Little side project.  I am trying to build a website.  Which I’ve never done before.  Dear God did I underestimate the amount of work needed.  But never mind, I am professional and stick to my word and will get it done. 

However, if I disappear from here for a while, you know what I’m up to!  Probably asleep at home on the laptop.  Dribbling onto the space bar……

Working Hard


But you’re not awake….

So, last night was fun.

Usually, Sophie’s sleeping is sound.  Hardly any noise, a good 8 or 9 hours straight through and not usually getting up before 6.  Usually.

This week has been a bleedin’ nightmare.  And last night was the worst.

Sophie went down as usual but after about an hour, she started crying and calling for Mummy.  Mummy wasn’t in, so up went Daddy.  I walked through the door, turned the light on low and asked what the matter was.  The answer I got was a good snore.  Yep, she was still asleep.

Ok, I thought, she had had a long day and was extremely tired, so I put it down to over tiredness and she is a bit unsettled.  No.

After another half hour, she did it again.  I left her this time, and she eventually went quiet again.  Sigh and relax.  No.

She did it again.  After the sixth time, Mummy was home and I passed the baton.

Mummy couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Sophie was now answering questions coherently, drinking some water but refused to swallow.  She was complaining that her mouth hurt and wouldn’t swallow.  Strange, where she just had a swig of water from her juice bottle.  Her speech was also slightly slurred.

Trying not to panic, as first timers would, we continued to wake her up.  Once she seemed to snap out of it, we took her into our room to see if she was ok.  After time, her speech was normal and she was eating biscuits without a problem.  What was going on?

We could understand when she said her mouth hurt, as we think she is teething again and she also fell flat on her face earlier in the day.  But the fact that she was crunching biscuits without moaning, we discarded any major problems.

This happened all night and she has been awake since four this morning.

We tried to put her down at lunchtime for her usual nap, but the same thing happened.  I’m hoping that maybe she is just still way overtired and is getting a cold. 

We’ll see how it goes tonight.  If you’ve experienced this, please advise on what can help.