Day 16 – Photo Challenge


At the park. Bit cold…


An alright day.

Today has been hot. Well, it certainly has been for me.

I have spent the day in the local town with the wife and daughter, just looking about and having a mooch.

We had an antenatal appointment this morning, routine check up y’know, but that was done by lunchtime. Leaving the afternoon free.

We decided to grab a sandwich and take a little picnic into the local public gardens.

Now, I’m not usually the one that sits on the grass, it usually takes me a while to get back up, but when your basically dragged to the floor, you don’t have much choice.

It was all very pleasant and it was a good twenty minutes before Sophie asked to play. We give in.

Then a few shops to look around before we give in to the sun’s power.

We head to the I’ve cream van and start to make our way home.

Nothing groundbreaking, or particularly exciting, it was just a nice pleasant day spent with the family.

And that’s what makes nice weather all the better.