Update No. 1: Work Sucks

Now, you may remember me, a while ago I agree, having a bit of a whinge about my job? Well, not much has changed….

I can’t remember where I was working the last time we spoke (listen to me, talking like you’re actually here…) but in my current department it’s the same.  I work in an office and the pettiness here is…… mindblowing!

It’s like being back at school – squabbles here, gossiping there, fist fights…… ok, not quite. But only because I’ve been extremely restraint.

Now – is it just my workplace this happens in?  Do you have childish colleagues that you wish to punch??  Surely it’s not normal is it??

My boss.  What can I say that’s polite….  did you ever get ‘blanked’ when at school, when you’ve pee’d off a friend and they have the hump?  That’s what he does to me.  Walks straight past me and doesn’t say a word.  Ignores me in meetings.  I can’t even think what I’ve done to provoke such a response.

Does that constitute bullying in the workplace??

“No Win, No Fee……..” Hmmm




A little proud

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually one for self promotion nor do I have a large ego but I am a little bit proud of myself.

I’ll explain.

I’m 31 years old and overweight.  I’m not proud of that but I also can’t hide it!
For years I’ve been saying, as has everyone else, that I need to lose weight.  But having an office job for the last eleven years, that was approximately one minute away from the office, not much exercise ever took place.

But for some reason in the Summer something clicked in my brain.  As I say I’m not one of these people that have to tell the world exactly whats going in my life (yes, I know I’m writing a blog about what’s going on my life, I get it!) but I am genuinely chuffed with myself.

Since June, through doing more exercise and not eating as much rubbish but not following a diet, I have lost weight.  I am so proud, but embarrassed it’s taken so long…

Anyway, last Monday I hit the latest milestone, hence why I’m telling you now. 

Since June I have lost three stone!!  Yes people, proud.

Remember the Diet!

Good nights sleep? Yeah, right…

I remember a time when sleep was not essential. 

Days rolled into one and sleep was replaced by Red Bull.  Or a close alternative.

When you did take the decision to have a ‘bit of a rest’, you didn’t even need a bed.  I remember a time when I decided to have a nap and awoke the next morning on a park bench in the centre of town.  Or the time when I awoke in a field hedge many miles from home.  Still don’t know what happened.

I’m obviously reminiscing about my adulthood adventures.  Good times.  From what I remember.

But nowadays sleep is a big factor.

Parenting can be quite a struggle without proper rest, which obviously, you don’t get.  With the first child the shock is instant.  Your regular sleep pattern goes out of the window.  No more waking up at a weekend to the tune of Football Focus and regular lie-ins until lunchtime.

The late night movie is no longer a viable option.  Drinking copious amounts of alcohol of an evening is just not doable.  Entertaining friends with a friendly game of Twister and light refreshments, pah, forget it!

Once the initial shock has been handled, you settle into a routine and work your sleep pattern around the needs of the child and its feeding.  Happy days, we’re all human again.

Now, the time has come and you decide to have another child.  What you fail to take into account when you make this decision, is how the hell you are going to sleep with two children.  Surely nobody can handle that??  Only time will tell.

If, like me, you have waited two and a half years before having the second child, it’s not actually as bad as you think.  The first child has gotten into their own sleeping pattern and are not waking you up as much as they used to, apart from times of illness (see previous post) and nightmares.

It still takes a while to adapt to having to look after another person at night, although we have been extremely lucky.  At the age of five weeks, my boy sleeps from 11pm through ’til 5am and has already dropped a feed.  Now, who expects to get six hours kip with a still relatively newborn baby?  That’s my boy.  And to top it off, without bragging, he’s already into his cot and I reckon, give it a few weeks, he’ll be in his own room!  No more tip toeing around the bedroom and stifling the cries of pain when I stub my toe!

I still can’t watch late night tv, sit on the xbox all night or get tanked up, but I think I can live without them.  For the time being that is.

So for all those parents out there having difficulties with sleeping children, I sympathise with you and do not mean to show off.  Because no doubt in the future, I will not have it so lucky.

What I am dreading though is the sleepless nights I’m going to have when the kids have grown up into teenagers.  Remembering what I was like, its quite scary to think that they might be like Daddy.

Tiredness destroys motivation

I didn’t know this was an issue…

“Dieting in pregnancy is safe for women and does not carry risks for the baby, a review of research has suggested.”

Is it just me, or menkind,  that never thought that dieting whilst pregnant was an issue?  Do pregnant women really want to lose weight?

I thought that an enjoyable part of being pregnant was feeling like a large, beached whale.

(Now hiding behind the sofa, dodging all the things being thrown in my direction)