It’s All Gone Quiet….

Bliss.  Absolute Bliss.

I have / am having two days of absolute normality in my office.  Everybody is behaving themselves and work is getting done.  Wanna know why?

I’m the only one in here!!!  {echo}

It’s great, I love it.  As much as my job does involve a certain level of interaction with other people and idiots, when an opportunity for a bit of peace arises, it’s heaven!

Ok, I’ll be honest, it’s not exactly quiet.  I have had my music on a bit louder than normal.

And why not?  I have to put up with the droning on for the rest of the months, why shouldn’t I blast out a snafu of Stone Sour?  A pinch of Pantera?  I deserve it.

Anyway, it can’t be that loud.  The chaps next door haven’t complained.  Well, I haven’t heard them complaining….

Yesterday I got so much more work done, I’m spent.  Today, I will waste my time doing the menial tasks like tidying my desk, rearranging the furniture to confuse the older workers and maybe even watch a DVD later.  I haven’t decided.

If the weather was nicer, I would’ve gone and erected our ‘meeting room’.  Nice name but it’s just a gazebo we put up outside the office.  We back onto fields you see, lovely sun trap.  Every year we put it up and conduct team meetings out there.  Jealous?


Sorry, had a visitor to the office.  Promptly told them to go somewhere else.  I’m not working today. 

Probably not the response they were after but hey, I was mid-chorus!

Well, I hope you all have an equally productive day and if you work in an office like me, I salute you. 

It’s not easy.

Office Environment


D-Day: Child Minding

Can I cope? Yes.
Have I done this before? No.
Am I looking forward to it? Not really.

Starting half hour ago, I am the lone guardian of two children for the weekend. Yes, they’re mine, but I’ve never been left on my own with them for that long!

Three years old and four months old. This is going to be tough, I think.

Right, the story. The missus is going on a hen weekend to Brighton. I don’t mind, in fact I encouraged it. And paid for it.

I think she’ll have fun. Apart from childbirth, in all the 5+ years we’ve been married and the several other years we’ve been together, I don’t think we’ve spent time apart.

Sad, I know. And it’s also not for the want of trying, she just wouldn’t let me leave!!

As I’ve said before, we live in the middle of nowhere so can’t just ‘go out’. Especially now with the kids, it’s now a military operation just to go shopping!

I digress.

I’m the lone adult. One weekend.

Thank god for Disney and cbeebies……


Good girl!

This week has been a one of milestones. For Sophie.

Not only did daddy finish the bedroom enough for her to move in. Into her wonderful pink paradise…

But the biggest thing this week, to which we are extremely proud…

Wait for it…

Sophie has been successfully going to the toilet all on her own!

All week! Only one puddle so far.

How good is that? For a two year old I think that is pretty bloody impressive.

This also means, by way of coincidence, she has also learnt how to use the stairs properly. No more do we have to keep shutting the bleedin gate at the bottom of the stairs!

Now we just wait for that illustrious ‘first trip’…..