Update No. 1: Work Sucks

Now, you may remember me, a while ago I agree, having a bit of a whinge about my job? Well, not much has changed….

I can’t remember where I was working the last time we spoke (listen to me, talking like you’re actually here…) but in my current department it’s the same.  I work in an office and the pettiness here is…… mindblowing!

It’s like being back at school – squabbles here, gossiping there, fist fights…… ok, not quite. But only because I’ve been extremely restraint.

Now – is it just my workplace this happens in?  Do you have childish colleagues that you wish to punch??  Surely it’s not normal is it??

My boss.  What can I say that’s polite….  did you ever get ‘blanked’ when at school, when you’ve pee’d off a friend and they have the hump?  That’s what he does to me.  Walks straight past me and doesn’t say a word.  Ignores me in meetings.  I can’t even think what I’ve done to provoke such a response.

Does that constitute bullying in the workplace??

“No Win, No Fee……..” Hmmm




Stuff that’s been happening…

Hello all you lovely people!

Once again I return from the depths of over-worked, under-paid pit of desperation!  I have done my time and I crawl, on my hands and knees, to the safety of the weekend…

Oh crap, I’m working again.  Well, I do get Saturday off, but Sunday and Monday will be spent staring at a computer screen, looking at databases and numbers.  Just think of the money….. I have to keep reminding myself!  I’m fortunate to have my overtime approved in these austere times, mainly because I’m too damn busy during the week!

You know the worrying fact though… the work we are doing is actually making me kind of proud.  Please, for the love of God, don’t tell them that!

Anyway, that’s work.  Now at home, a couple of interesting things, both incorporating plastic food.

The positive; my boy has started trying to play football with anything that resembles a ball.  This led me to laugh at him.  Quite a lot.  Sounds harsh I know, but you keep a straight face when a fifteen month old starts dribbling around the front room with a plastic lettuce…..  Come on, you’d laugh wouldn’t you?!

On the flip side, an image that I didn’t think I’d ever see.  The same boy sitting there, quite content, watching Curious George or something, happiliy sucking on a bright orange plastic carrot.  A parent shouldn’t have to see that.  Sit behind a chair, or hide behind the curtains or something, please….

However, this weekend is a big one for the daughter.  She is being taken away by her aunty and uncle and cousin, and will be spending a week away from us, down in Dorset.  This is the first time that she has spent a long time away from us, the first time she’s been to Dorset (although I’m sure it’s lovely) and a first time sleeping in a tent.  I personally think they’re going to have their work cut out, but I can guarantee that the daughter will love it.  But I say this now, when she comes back all happy and excited about her adventure, I’m still not going camping.  I’ve lasted 32 years without doing it, I’m not starting now!

On a lighter note, the football finishes this weekend.  The final game of the season.
It’s been a tough season for Portsmouth.  Three bosses in six months, languishing near the foot of the table and football leagues itself, it’s been a scary time to be a Pompey Supporter!

But along comes Andy Awford, now permanent manager and winner of Manager of the Month for April, produces 4 wins and a draw and suddenly we’re mid table!  Win on Saturday and we finish in tenth, some achievement.  Next year we’ll be back at the top of the league, I’m sure!

Anyway, enough from me at this point.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I should be back soon.  I promise!

Constant Working

Is it Easter? I wouldn’t know…

I thought it looked a bit quiet at work today…..  Why didn’t somebody tell me it was a Bank Holiday?!

Yes, dear readers…. It’s been another week or so since my last post, but as highlighted in my opening gambit, I’ve been really busy!  Why else would I be working on Good Friday…

It has been a very long time since I’ve been this busy at work, and actually cared at the same time! 

Yeah, we all know the background, not got a job – still waiting – etc, etc.  Yes, it’s all still true but I’m not really caring at the moment, I’ve found something I thought I had lost forever…..

Job satisfaction.

Yeah, I said it!  When was the last time you heard that phrase??

I don’t get paid anywhere near as much as I should for doing this job, I don’t get any perks like a company car or company phone, yes I work long hours during the week and weekends too but I don’t care…. I’m enjoying it.

It’s a new challenge, a new topic, a new outlook. 

No, I haven’t been drinking…

Anyway, I’m working today and tomorrow but then taking a few days off.  Hey, I have to have a break some time!

Have a good Easter people.  Eat lots and lots of chocolate until you feel very sick!

Back soon.

Job Satisfaction

Still Here…

Right, well it all went wrong, didn’t it?!

I promised to do this properly and post regularly.  Have I?  No.
I started a photo challenge.  Did I carry it on?  No.

Yeah, I know, pretty rubbish.  I do have some excuses lined up though, if you want to hear them?

You do?  Great…. there’s hope you still like me….

There’s not really loads of excuses but one major one that’s kinda kept me busy.
Cast your mind back, remember those posts where I explained my job situation?  As in the fact I didn’t have one?  Well, things have progressed……..

Sort of.

I still don’t have a job.  Technically.  Scandalous isn’t it?!  It’s been about nine months now and they still haven’t sorted it out.  However, as I said, there has been movement.  I have been turfed out of my old department and am now claiming squatters rights.

I am currently in a position that doesn’t exist, yet, carrying out a job I actually want.  It’s similar to parts of my old job so I’m happy with that, but it’s a more specified subject, which I find interesting.  I’m not going to tell you what it is though, keep my air of mystery!

Basically, I am waiting for funding.  This being the Civil Service it takes a decade for someone to make a decision and pay for anything.  The money’s there, the idea has been approved, just noone will put their name to the decision.  Typical.  That really helps me….

The difference is, this is a job I actually want, and the people in this department actually want me too.  There’s a novelty!  There’s a real sense of team spirit and pride here, and I like it.  Plus, I’ve already got my own office for the first time in about ten years, and it’s a comfortable atmosphere.  I get to play my music when I want!

Alright I’m gushing slightly, it just makes a change to have enjoyment at work.  The only downside, my God, how busy?!  I’ve even started to work late and at weekends!  That’s a shock to the system.

Anyway, that’s the reason I’ve been away predominantly.  There are other matters like the children….. who are just always a nightmare!  I’ll update later about the kids, but I just wanted to say, I’m still here!!

I will make more of an effort too, I promise.

Flair is the difference

Another Deadline…

Well, Monday was the cut off for the next stage of applying for a job.  I made it, just.

I know it doesn’t put me in good stead but I hate deadlines.  Really, hate them.  I must admit when it comes to work, I’ve never ever missed one.  Well, not in the last nine years anyway.

But, those deadlines are usually ones that are for the job I’m doing, so are fairly interesting.  The other one isn’t.  All the other one is, is making sure I fill in a form where I have tobig myself up, so that my name is considered for a job I don’t want.  Hardly an incentive.

Alas, needs must.  Admittedly I’ve left it to the last minute, which is mainly due to the fact that I am so busy doing the job that they don’t think they need anymore (breathe….) but it was done.  Begrudgingly.

So what now? 

Now I wait.  Wait to hear if I have been selected for interview, again for a job I don’t want.  Is it just me, or would you struggle to find enthusiasm too?!

Anyway, just thought I would update anybody that was interested, and would urge you all to keep your fingers crossed for me.  Using well wishing alone, maybe you can help me get a job!

Positive thoughts……….GO!


Decision time…

Right, today’s the day.

You may have noticed me mention that I don’t currently have a permanent job?  Well, as part of the whole process, I have to submit a form today, where I chose some vacancies from a list that I would like to put my name down for.

Obviously it’s not that simple, wish that it were.  No, I give my preferences, they record it, other information gets assessed and then interviews can commence.  Then wait.

I hate interviews.  I hate applying for jobs in general if I’m honest, but needs must.  There is just one little problem….

Of all the jobs on the list, of which there aren’t many, not one of them takes my fancy.  Not one.  Not blowing my own trumpet but it’s not a case of talent or ability, I could do any job of my grade, but I have to take into account my penchant for getting bored.  I don’t like mundane jobs, routine tasks, I like to have a variety of things to do.  This is why I have lasted in my current, sorry old, job for eight years or so, variety.

I get bored so easily!

Anyway, today is deadline day and I can’t decide what to do.  Do I sit and read about all the details of each position or do I just get my darts out?!  Slightly more fun version than using a pin and a blindfold!

Keep your fingers cross for me!

Decision Time

Hello, have we met??

Ok ok, look, no excuses……

I am still alive I promise, but things are just stupidly busy!

I will endeavour to update you all in the coming days, but just to outline what’s been happening; I have lost my position at work and need to find a new one, I’m in the middle of moving house, my three year old thinks she’s 15, my boy is soooo close to walking and I’m going ever more grey.  Well, with the hair that’s left….

That’s just a quickie and I will expand soon, but I apologise to all those people that stop by to see what rubbish I’m typing and have found nothing.  I am profusely sorry.

Normal drivel will return soon.

In the meantime, something interesting…..

Interesting Cat

I’m Sweating Cobs…

I live in England.  A place renowned for it’s generous helpings of rain and clouds.

So, what the hell is going on?  It’s been two weeks now and the sun has been shining.  A lot.  There’s been a couple of stormy days, with more next week apparently, but I don’t like it.

Yes, the British are renowned for moaning when it’s too cold, too wet, too hot, too real….
Ok, I made that last one up.  But I am afraid I’m going to have to join in with the big M….

I work in an office with four other people.  With lots of electronic equipment.  And no air conditioning.

I’m also of the larger size than most, I retain heat (as well as food).  All these conditions together make for one unpleasant work day.  It is this point where I declare that I don’t like it hot.

I don’t mind other people enjoying the Sun, not at all, fill your boots.  But please, don’t ask me to join in.  Walking up the stairs is enough exercise for me when it’s warm.  Not only that, I have my own personal solar panel on my head, which really does not like the Sun.  It shows it’s dislike by burning me and encouraging my son to hit me….

Given all this, and as much as I enjoy the rain and snow and wind etc, it is nice to be able to get my washing dry quickly.

That’s the only good point I can find….

Too Damn Hot....

Well, where’d that go…

It’s Monday already?!  Where did that weekend go?

I know the weather wasn’t all that great down here, but still, I thought weekends were supposed to be two days?  Not four hours……

Well.  Despite that, I hope everybody had a nice ‘break’.  Mine was a little busy…

The saturday included a whirlwind trip into town to gather information and raid the bank (minus the stockings).  It was whirlwind because I had to get back to the house for the daughter to go to a party.  As you may recall (well done for remembering!) I do not drive, so any excursion away from the house is both costly and time consuming.  So to get out and back in a few hours was going to be a mission.

Alas, I was in stealth mode and managed to get back in time.  The darling daughter put on her party dress and sparkly tights and off they went.  I stayed at home.  Knackered.

Sunday was intense.  The family went out for the day to the in-laws while I stayed at home to work.  And work I did.

I was sat at the laptop for approx. 9 hours working away on my little side project.

Ha!  Little side project.  I am trying to build a website.  Which I’ve never done before.  Dear God did I underestimate the amount of work needed.  But never mind, I am professional and stick to my word and will get it done. 

However, if I disappear from here for a while, you know what I’m up to!  Probably asleep at home on the laptop.  Dribbling onto the space bar……

Working Hard

Right then, where were we….

Blimey.  I’ve been gone that long?

I do apologise.  It has been hectic this end.  Right, let’s update.

The boy is now over six months old but is the size of an average one year old.  I don’t mean we’ve been feeding him too much, he’s very much in proportion, but he’s a big bugger!

He’s just learned to roll over, both ways, and can sit up unaided without the fear of face-planting the carpet.

Oh yeah, he is also now eating proper food.  Which is good because I am getting sick to death of making these sodding bottles.  He isn’t onto the full blown three courses quite yet, but he is eating sandwiches, crisps, cheese and the odd bit of steak….. ha, joking.

He has found his voice and now joins in with the shouting matches that frequent our household.  It’s not going to be long before he’s shouting at his sister!

(seemless link) Yes, the sister.  She is doing very well at nursery three times a week, she loves the playing but has started coming home with the weirdest things.  I don’t know exactly what they do during the day, but some of the conversation starters she comes up with are, well, scary!

She has finally started to play on her own, which is good ‘coz she was doing my head in!  No, I don’t want to eat that manky plastic bit of pizza, or the squashed strawberry, I’m quite happy just sitting here, thanks.

Right that’s the kids, what’s next?

One of the cats has fleas, one of them has worms and the other has no friends.

The main part of my absence is my work.  I am super busy.  I also must be dedicated because I don’t know if I’ll still have a job in six to twelve months time, but we crack on.  I am professional after all, ahem, and will continue to work right up until they show me the door.  Then I may go on a rampage and break a desk or something.  Don’t know, haven’t thought that far ahead.

I also have a couple of other projects on the go which is taking up my time, so I apologise in advance if the frequency of these updates is a little sparce.  Don’t worry, I’m still thinking of you all!

Thanks people, speak to you soon.