I don’t know what’s more awkward, answering Dora or sitting in silence whilst she stares at you.


Week 9: Uncertainty

So week 9 is here and all is progressing quickly.  Honestly, I don’t remember it going this quick the last time.

One week, you find out and it feels that the next week is the first scan!?  I wonder why this happens, is it because I know what’s going to happen?  It’s not going to be such a surprise?

Maybe, but it’s more likely to be the fact that I still have a little ‘un to look after at the same time.  You don’t get the time in the day to sit about and read books and search the internet for the unknown.

Either way, time’s pressing on.

However, as bad as this may sound, and I’m sure everybody does at some point, this week the question did enter my head as to whether I want another child.  I told you that would sound worse than it is….

We’ve been having problems with the daughter this week, not knowing what’s going on with her, the sleepless nights, the crying, the not eating, etc…

Do I really want to go back to exactly the same situation but with a baby?  One that can’t actually tell me what the problem is.  Hmmmmm.

It’s a difficult question.

Don’t worry, dear readers, I have since come to the decision, not that it’s a decision, more of realisation.  We are having another child and I can not be happier.  No, really.

I think it was a mere dip in my being, one that hit me when I was weakest.  But I am back.  Super Dad it is going to be……

But you’re not awake….

So, last night was fun.

Usually, Sophie’s sleeping is sound.  Hardly any noise, a good 8 or 9 hours straight through and not usually getting up before 6.  Usually.

This week has been a bleedin’ nightmare.  And last night was the worst.

Sophie went down as usual but after about an hour, she started crying and calling for Mummy.  Mummy wasn’t in, so up went Daddy.  I walked through the door, turned the light on low and asked what the matter was.  The answer I got was a good snore.  Yep, she was still asleep.

Ok, I thought, she had had a long day and was extremely tired, so I put it down to over tiredness and she is a bit unsettled.  No.

After another half hour, she did it again.  I left her this time, and she eventually went quiet again.  Sigh and relax.  No.

She did it again.  After the sixth time, Mummy was home and I passed the baton.

Mummy couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Sophie was now answering questions coherently, drinking some water but refused to swallow.  She was complaining that her mouth hurt and wouldn’t swallow.  Strange, where she just had a swig of water from her juice bottle.  Her speech was also slightly slurred.

Trying not to panic, as first timers would, we continued to wake her up.  Once she seemed to snap out of it, we took her into our room to see if she was ok.  After time, her speech was normal and she was eating biscuits without a problem.  What was going on?

We could understand when she said her mouth hurt, as we think she is teething again and she also fell flat on her face earlier in the day.  But the fact that she was crunching biscuits without moaning, we discarded any major problems.

This happened all night and she has been awake since four this morning.

We tried to put her down at lunchtime for her usual nap, but the same thing happened.  I’m hoping that maybe she is just still way overtired and is getting a cold. 

We’ll see how it goes tonight.  If you’ve experienced this, please advise on what can help.


Every day of the week
The soundtrack is the same
With lots of laughing and clapping
And shrieking all the way

When you’re happy
We’re happy too
Your laughter is contagious
We don’t know what to do!

We all play together
With all your noisy toys
You’re such a happy soul
We’ll keep you away from all the boys! 

You press all of the buttons
To see what noise they make
They drive Daddy round the twist
But that’s what makes it great

We hope we keep you happy
For the rest of your childhood life
‘Coz if you keep on smiling
You’ll make a smashing wife

But do remember one thing
If you like a certain lad
There’s many tests to pass, my dear
But there’s no-one quite like Dad!

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Week 8: Thinking…

So, here we are at week 8, and yes it is starting to sink in.

According to the BBC Pregnancy Calendar, at week 8 the baby is similar to the size of a large grape.  An unnerving thought.  Also trying to hold back the obvious question of whether it was seeded……

It is still very early on and the risks are still there.  I think I’ve read more about the possible problems now than I did the first time.  With an overactive toddler in the house, it’s difficult to be able to tell the wife, ‘go and put your feet up’.  Bit difficult when I’m at work and she’s looking after the youngster.  I suppose it’s a case of waiting to see what happens and hope for the best.  Yeah, I’ll need luck with that.

On the lighter side, I have begun to start thinking about what’s going to happen.  Is it going to be a boy or girl, the whole saga of choosing names and so on.  This is when the cheapness shows through.  Partly hoping we have a girl because we already have a load of girly stuff on hand, not to mention the amount of clothes we have kept in the vain hope we can save money by reusing.  Thinking ahead, y’see.

But then, I would like a boy.  You know, an heir, carry on the name, etc.  Either way it’s irrelevant at this stage.  Well, at any stage really, you get what you’re allowed.

But then this brings up the other argument.  Do you find out the sex, if available?  Would you?

I’m erring on the side of yes (I would) again to see if I can save money!  Possibly the wrong approach to such an important question.  I’m just being a realist…..

The Big Adventure

The time has come to say hello
A new era, a new day, a new dawn
The wait for this day has finally ended
For at six minutes past seven, you were born

The sense of joy overpowers all anxiety
At that moment, all the fear and worry disappears
You are now my sole purpose, my world, my being
It doesn’t happen often, but you had me in tears

What happens now, where do we go?
All this is new, to both you and me
So much to learn, so much to do
We’ll do it together you, mummy and me 

This will be one big adventure
Full of laughter, tears, love and companionship
We will stay together, as a team
Always there for each other, providing friendship

You will find that when you get older
Times will be hard, you’ll feel like you’ve had enough
But remember, your family will always be there for you
You will never be alone, no matter how tough

You are loved so much by everyone you meet
You will never lose that gift, that ability
Whether they’re friends, family or people in the street
Even if you’re acting daft or down right silly

The world has produced one more beauty
Though I feel I must take some credit
When you grow up, a loving and beautiful person
You take after your Dad, and don’t you forget it!

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Not a morning person.

I am not a morning person.  At all.

So having a child probably wasn’t the best decision if I wanted to keep my lay ins, but nevertheless I thought that this would even out over time.  Namely due to children’s TV.

As my young’un is now over two years old, she takes a keen interest in the TV when we have it on.  Granted, it’s not as much as I’m used to, but adult TV is utter shite if you don’t like reality TV or the unending stream of so called talent shows.  I am not a fan.  I’d prefer to watch reruns of TK Hooker than watch that (which was a rubbish programme too, by the way).  Anyway,  children’s TV…..

The staple viewing of any young child at the moment includes Peppa Pig (see previous posts), Tweenies, Zingzillas, Noddy, the list goes on.

Now, I can tolerate most of the programmes but by the age of two, I was hoping that she would of got into the likes of Spongebob Squarepants, Scooby Doo, etc but I have been banned from showing these to the youngster due to the graphic images, which to some extent I agree with the wife, but that doesn’t stop me being disappointed.  I was looking forward to that bit.  Sitting on the sofa, watching Spongebob………

Ok, not a great image to be setting and I’m sure will be met by tuts from many ‘good parents’.  Whatever.  But something that I don’t agree with is that I can’t watch the Simpsons with her.  What’s wrong with a loving yellow family?  It’s got clowns and everything!  I do, however, turn it over when the cat gets mangled by the mouse, but other than that how can it be  harmful?  Am I wrong?

And while I’m at it, what’s with these presenters?  Justin friggin’ Fletcher is everywhere!!  And if any UK readers watches Milkshake! on Channel 5, please agree with me that it’s time to get rid of Derek.  That inane grin, stupid laugh and always happy.  At that time of the morning, I just want to shoot him…..


Having a nap…

Well, the last few days on this blog have been quiet, I admit, but things have been a bit stressful.  It’s not easy running a department on your own, especially when you’re in demand, but that’s not a problem.

I’ve just been having a break from using a computer, man they can hurt your head!  My work is computer based so every now and again my brain gets a little fried and a ban is the only thing that can help.

Add to that a moaning family.  Nice.

With a missus who already thinks she is 15 months pregnant and a child who is constantly tired and whiny, every day is long.

No, I’m not complaining really, honest.  I just wish I knew what was making the little one so tired.  We have a theory that she is awaiting the arrival of yet more teeth and so her sleep pattern is out of line, thus making her a nightmare during the day.  I say nightmare, she’s not really, but when the parent’s don’t get much sleep either, it’s a monotonous circle.

The Written Word

I have joined this world, known to many
Requiring skills, to which I don’t have any
So many people know how to blog
I always thought it was like the ‘Captain’s Log’
Recording their thoughts of the day
No limits on what they can say
Saying exactly what they mean
Whilst trying not to be obscene
Community based place of sharing
Where most people are classed as caring
Not everybody believes what they’ve said
Where you fear the next comment, with dread
Full of so many differing characters
Ranging from loons to famous actors
Ok, that might not be strictly true
But it is full of people just like me and you
All of who just want to be heard
And have a common purpose.  The written word.

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The News

Oh my, can it be true?
You’re kidding right, really?
No, this is actually happening
Is this a bit of a shock?  Clearly

Now I know, I can’t wait
There’s going to be another member
Our family’s getting bigger now
That special feeling, I remember

But wait, hold on a minute
Can I be good enough, to be a dad
To two children at one time?
Am I mad?

With the success of the first
My daughter, the Princess
Another child will complete the family
We will of course, be the best

The next few months and years
Will be hard, will be trying
There’ll be ups and laughter
There’ll be downs and crying

But I know that in the end
A beautiful child will arrive
And the love that it will receive
Will allow them to thrive

I could not be happier
At this moment in time
The love and admiration I feel
For this family of mine.

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