Aaah! It’s late!

Again, apologies for my absence.  I hope you can understand why.

We were due last Sunday, but we are still awaiting an arrival. 

We’ve been to see Consultants and things are moving forward, however it’s still a waiting game.

I don’t like waiting.  For anything.

I suppose for something as important as this, a little bit of waiting isn’t too bad….

At home, things are practically ready, I think.  Moses basket standing by.  New, ironed clothes sit in the draw.  Milk powder in the cupboard.

I’m still at work, phone stuck in my hand.  Ready.

Coiled spring, ready to act….


Week 23 – Pain-t

To quote Bad Boys, ‘Shit just got real!’

Okay, it was real weeks ago, but things are now happening.

I’m buying and painting stuff.  It’s that serious!

As stated in a previous post, I have bought a new set of wheels, and I must admit I am quite pleased with the purchase.

But again, the painting has started too.  (Note that painting has the word ‘pain’ nestled in it.  It hurts on many levels).

This to me means the arrival is on track and isn’t too far off.

You can generally tell this because I’m one of these people who tend to leave things to the last moment.  Literally.

I was half way through painting the bathroom when Sophie decided to ‘pop out’.

I’ve still not finished it, ahem.

I’m determined though, this time, to at least have the furniture and bedrooms all sorted before it becomes too late.  This means a complete sort out of the house.  It’s been coming, I mean, it’s needed a sort out since we moved in about five years ago.

I’ve been busy…



Anyway, on the baby front, it appears to be progressing.  I mean, the kicking is getting stronger and you can even see the wobble when it happens!

I don’t know what size it is anymore, probably about ……… the size of some sort of melon?!  You’re guess is as good as mine.

Week 19: Have we still got…

Here we are at Week 19.  The guide says that this week we are up to about 20cm or the size of an average pear and that development is really underway now.

‘Sensory development is well underway, with your baby’s ability to taste, smell, hear, see and touch all developing in their specialised areas of the brain.’

How do they know?

I mean, it’s all well and good saying that they are starting to see, smell, etc, but how do we know?!  They could be making it up and basing  it on a 16th Century guess…

I mean, c’mon, how can it by developing it’s sense of smell, if it starts sniffing now, it’d get a nostril full of liquid!!  And what’s it tasting?  A plain, bland flavoured jelly?!

Obviously, I didn’t pay attention in school when it came to science, and I will probably be blasted for those last comments, but that’s what came to my mind, anyway.  Don’t even get me on how it’s starting to use it’s lungs…

That aside, the arguments rage on in the household.  Loggerheads are at.  Stations are battling.  Same questions.

I still haven’t started the decorating, or the sorting out.  I know time is moving on, I appreciate that, but I’m not a machine!  Come on, the football has only just finished.

Paint Tins

Whilst I’m thinking about what paint to buy, Mummy has the catalogues out looking at furniture, prams, toys, etc.  I won’t start talking about priorities here (I have just cited football as an excuse).

All the while the pages of the brochures are flicking, my mind is asking  ‘didn’t we still have that in the cupboard? Hang on, that’s downstairs, I know where that is’.  Problem is, all I can here is the cogs whirring and the sound of a cash register going kerching!

Oh well, I’m sure this will rumble on for a few weeks or months.  Just giving you all an update.

Note: If the need arises after battle, I can be identified by my shoes.

Week 18: Choosing a colour

No, stop yourself, that doesn’t mean we are having a baby designed and delivered to the house.  I mean, we’re not celebrities!

No, I am talking about paint.

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before, you know, the whole ‘what are we going to have’ discussion.  Well, I say discussion, it does have the ability to rapidly change into a heated debate, shall we say.  I understand that it is a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly; do you find out?

I started off with the frugal stance of yes, it’ll save us money.  Then, the more you think about it the more you sway towards the excitement and surprise of ‘that’ moment of childbirth.


I still don’t know.  I can’t decide.

Which it makes it even more of a difficult decision on what colour paint to use.  This doesn’t help daddy prepare.

Neautral colours are good, I get that.  Beige is a complete no.  White is too boring and black is, just, weird.

I must admit, last time we painted the bedroom a rather fetching crisp green, a mint colour if you please.  And as much as I try, I’m not allowed to use the same colour.  I mean, I have some left over already…

With only two weeks left to the ‘halfway’ mark, daddy’s jobs are getting more important and I can’t even make a decision.  How have I managed to last this long?!

Anyway, on another note, here we are at Week 18.  Baby is at about 16cm, which is a healthy size.  About the same size as an iPod Touch (plus a bit).  Yeah, that’s right, keeping it 21st century!

Excitement levels have not kicked into overdrive yet, again probably because I’ve not started to do anything, although the wife’s waddle is beginning to show!

Week 16: Get a Wriggle On

This week, we have another appointment scheduled, the one where we get to hear the heart beat for the first time, god willing.

This is the next big milestone, one that gives you assurances that everything is on track and progressing well.

It is also the week where it is possible, not guaranteed, that you may feel the first movements.  As a mother obviously, it’s too early for any other ‘gropers’ to feel anything.

I’m not too sure how big it is this week, no reference was made on my usual guide, but I’m guessing (fruitists ready?) about a large avocado (?!).

My mind is now, more pressingly, turning towards the things that need to be done.  Children’s furniture, painting the other bedroom, repainting Sophie’s bedroom, making sure we have all the essentials, etc.

Scary thoughts.

Will it all be done in time?  No.
Will most of it be done on time?  No.

Will I have a good excuse as to why it’s not done in time?  Most definitely.  It is near Christmas, after all.

After this appointment, the next big one is the 20-week scan.  Then it’s plain sailing, just a case of sitting back and waiting.

This pregnancy lark is easy.

(If you need me, just look behind the sofa).

I didn’t know this was an issue…

“Dieting in pregnancy is safe for women and does not carry risks for the baby, a review of research has suggested.”

Is it just me, or menkind,  that never thought that dieting whilst pregnant was an issue?  Do pregnant women really want to lose weight?

I thought that an enjoyable part of being pregnant was feeling like a large, beached whale.

(Now hiding behind the sofa, dodging all the things being thrown in my direction)

Week 13: Where did that go?

So, you may notice that this blog has jumped from Week 9 to Week 13.  Things have been going on, more on that later.

But this does make a good point.  Doesn’t the time just disappear?!

I don’t know whether it’s because this is the second pregnancy or I just coincidentally happen to be busier this time, but time just seems to be whizzing by.  Weeks are just a blur and it’s not like my routine has changed much, as it’s still early days.

This isn’t an excuse as to why I have not written anything, far from it, but merely a fact.

Anyway, week 13.   Size of an egg, or small orange, or three Lego men on a tractor…..  All irrelevant really, and whoever started this ‘let’s compare it with a fruit’ thing needs a serious talking to.

It’s started to show more now.  We have had the 12 week scan and all is tickety-boo.  More appointments scheduled and am now looking to the next scan, somewhat, maybe, possibly the chance of finding out the sex.

Is that a good thing to do?  Would you?