Toddle Off!

People, people!! 

We are through the looking glass here people!

‘El Destructo’ has now become a vastly improved machine of devastation.  Yes, you got it, the boy is now officially walking!

Ok, I suppose it’s more toddling, but we have since disposed of the need for furniture and people to walk around the room.  Yep, now nothing is safe…

I must admit, we were wondering how long it would actually take him to make the transition from cruising on the furniture to full on walking, it does appear that he very much works to his own timescale.  He was the same with the whole rolling over, crawling, etc.  He just seems to want to be independent, which is dangerous in a child that isn’t even one yet…

Anyway, he has found his feet and is already terrorising the household.  He can already be found wandering around with that ‘what can I destroy next’ look on his face, the cats already know to hide and his sister has been warned.  Let the joy begin!

I think it is safe to say that ‘baby’ has definitely now been replaced with a ‘person’.

Christ, that was quick….

El Destructo

(Photo a bit blurred, rubbish phone, but he wouldn’t stay still.  He thinks I wanted the sock that was in his mouth.  Yes, dear readers, a sock… *shakes head*)


Enjoying it

Well, that wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.  This parenting lark is easy.

No, forget I said that.  If that’s not a trigger point for bad things I don’t know what is.

My little boy, DJ, is settling in very well.  It almost seems as if he’s been here for ages, not just the couple of weeks it has been.

So far, I find it amazing just how much you remember.  I mean, it’s been nearly three years since I’ve had to properly wind a baby, along with the relentless nappy changing and sleepless nights, yet it seems that these skills you just don’t lose.

It was second nature.  I remember freaking out the first time ‘coz I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but this time, BAM! 

I must admit though, he is a very good boy.  He eats and sleeps well for a little man.

Albeit he is a bit of a chunk.  Two weeks old and already drinking 5oz!  Obviously inherited Daddy’s love of food.

There is one thing that I did forget mind.  I forgot how bleeding expensive they are.  I may have to rent him out for parties….

Aaah! It’s late!

Again, apologies for my absence.  I hope you can understand why.

We were due last Sunday, but we are still awaiting an arrival. 

We’ve been to see Consultants and things are moving forward, however it’s still a waiting game.

I don’t like waiting.  For anything.

I suppose for something as important as this, a little bit of waiting isn’t too bad….

At home, things are practically ready, I think.  Moses basket standing by.  New, ironed clothes sit in the draw.  Milk powder in the cupboard.

I’m still at work, phone stuck in my hand.  Ready.

Coiled spring, ready to act….